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616 7th St Rochester, Michigan

Originally built in 1910, This two bedroom home has seen Rochester grow up to the magnificent city that is it today. In the decade between 1910 and 1920, the population of Rochester grew by a third as prosperous city workers moved to Avon for larger houses and yards, fresh air, and lower taxes.

In 2016 standards, this home was small and in need of repair, it had outlived its useful life. It was deconstructed by Rochester Salvage and a new custom home was built by local builder, Bloomingdale Construction. Beams, floorboards, siding, and many other materials were saved from the home at 616 7th st. These items are available at our shop for use in the next great project.

Other Homes deconstructed by Rochester Salvage in Rochester include;

323 Terry St

346 Drace

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