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400 Year old lumber

Artist rendition of historical home

The story of the Shiawassee Collection starts with the evolution of a Sycamore tree that began as a sapling in the early 1600s in the area that we know today as Fenton, Michigan. The tree saw the early beginnings of Michigan history. This sapling grew to a be a fully mature tree. A 200 years old tree.

In the early 1800s, settlers new to the area considered the wood from these trees to be desirable as it was believed to be rot resistant, much like the cedar wood commonly is used today. They harvested the trees and set up sawmills to cut them into large boards and planks.

These original boards were used to construct houses and barns in the Fenton area. One type of barn and stable they built was referred to as a 10 cent stable, Where one could stable their horse for the day or overnight for 10 cents.

With the advent of automobiles the 10 cent stable was no longer in demand. At least one of these stables was disassembled, and the materials used in the construction of a new home being built at 106 W. Shiawassee. This home was completed in 1905.

The house at 106 W. Shiawassee eventually became home to several businesses over the years, and eventually outlived its usefulness as a building.

In 2016 the home was deconstructed by Rochester salvage and Supply of Rochester Michigan, and the vintage wood repurpose into various home furnishings.

The Shiawassee Collection

1600s-1800s - 200 years as a tree.

1800s-1900s - 100 years as a barn.

1900s-2000s - 100 years as a house.

100 Years into the future as a... Farm table... a Breakfast nook... a fireplace mantle...

Whatever your creative mind imagines, contact us to help you make it a reality.

The home at 106 Shiawassee was was featured in a local news, Click on the link below to see more.

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