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Home Furnshings 

Reclaimed Wine Rack

This minimalist rack holds 24 of your favorite bottles.  The neck holes are cut precisely so bottles lay perfectly horizontal and parallel to each other.  The rack is made of a single piece of fir and finished with a natural Orange oil and Beeswax polish. 

Authentic barn doors

Rochester Salvage takes pride is our custom barn doors, handmade in our shop. These interior sliding doors give your home a personalized and vintage look. Divide a space to simplify an area and have the ability to open it up for a place to entertain. Need some inspiration? Check out our complete gallery at our shop.

Hand Forged Barn Door Hardwear

Barn Door Hardware has been a staple of American architecture since the 1700s. The original barn door hardware was forged and hammered, rough-hewn by hardworking farmers across the United States. Today, you can find much of that hardware still dotting barns from Vermont to Wyoming. You can also find barn door and sliding door hardware in the homes and offices of new class of hardworking Americans. This next generation of sliding door hardware is designed for longevity, beauty, and fits nearly every design sensibility.

You can find every style of barn door hardware kit here at Rochester Salvage. We offer standard and custom tracks to fit a variety of styles of doors. 


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