June 30, 2017

The story of the Shiawassee Collection starts with the evolution of a Sycamore tree that began as a sapling in the early 1600s in the area that we know today as Fenton, Michigan. The tree saw the early beginnings of Michigan history. This sapling grew to a be a fully mature tree. A 200 years old tree.

In the early 1800s, settlers new to the area considered the wood from these trees to be desirable as it was belie...

June 20, 2017

Originally built in 1910, This two bedroom home has seen Rochester grow up to the magnificent city that is it today. In the decade between 1910 and 1920, the population of Rochester grew by a third as prosperous city workers moved to Avon for larger houses and yards, fresh air, and lower taxes.

May 2, 2017

More Awsome history coming soon. 

May 2, 2017

This home was deconstructed after its usable life was depleted, Rochester Salvage was able to keep wood planks of all sizes and windows and doors among other items. 

Many of the items including windows, and wood beams were refurbished and used in the new home that now sits on this lot. 

May 2, 2017

More great history coming soon on this unique teardown. 

May 2, 2017

 Built in the 1900s, This two bed room home saw Rochester grow up. 

April 1, 2017

This home, originally built is the early 20th century, has provided many families access to the great Rochester community.  With the wood repurposed, this property is now being outfitted with a new home that will stand for another 100 years. 

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